Lost for Words



I had heard it was possible but never truly believed it could happen to me.

No, not erectile dysfunction.

Writers block.

A total lack of not just the ability to write but the lack of desire to even look at the keyboard.

I spent so much time in the preparation of my book that I actually burnt myself out on the words I had written.

Much like anyone that has ever been on a hardcore diet and then realized they like pizza more than they kale, I let myself get out of the routine of writing.

I watched as the stats exploded for no reason on my fiction blog and spent days trying to figure out why.

I got sidetracked by the first bad review my book got. The words stung like the worst case of razor burn you’ve ever had on your genitals.

So I went back to the beginning. Putting pen to paper. Writing notes and details for stories that had been rolling around in my head for far too long. Stuff that will most likely end up on my fiction blog but writing begets more writing.

Hopefully, you all stick around while I find my path back to getting my junk frozen to stuff.

11 thoughts on “Lost for Words

  1. Nothing beats writing about Writer block. Is there an oxymoron somewhere 🙂

  2. look forward to your return)

  3. Book?? –clears throat– you know I’m a huge fan, I would love to support your new endeavor . As far as writers block, you seemed to hit the keys quite well for this post!

    • I recently had my Facebook hacked and lost all my connections there. So I would be happy to get any help I can promoting the book

      • Not liking the hacked part , but feel free to “plug ” your book anywhere on my blog. I will pass it on with pleasure. 🙂 I know it links to Twitter some how …

      • The Mister is running a job in Boulder at the CU campus…going to Amazon now. Colorado dwellers will certainly appreciate it! Good luck and take care.

  4. Flaccid keys… I’m sure you’ll RISE above it!
    Much love ❤
    xxoo ~ sg

  5. Don’t quit! Hope you have better luck over the summer. Just keep writing… you’re hilarious, you’ll think of something!

    • Humor has been a bit few and far between in the last few months of my life but I am clawing my way back. Inch by inch

      • I’m sorry! At least things seem to come in seasons right? You seem like you’ve survived through a lot of hard or crushing seasons… I hope it gets better soon. :/

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