An Age of Wonders


I remember my first computer.

It was an absolute miracle of technology. It could do things I had never seen before.

It could play games. It could……. well that’s about it.

Over the years I have watched the technology advance to the point where I could play a game on my laptop while sending an email to a product distributor while bitching about a movie trailer and buying generic brand Viagra  from a company in Kuala Lampoor.

I have seen computes get faster and smaller to the point where the processor in my iphone has more power than the entire bank of computers that put the first man on the moon.

They can process data at an alarming rate.

They can hold more songs than I could listen to in any given week.

They can store a dozen movies on a microchip smaller than the hole you had to cover up with masking tape on a video cassette in order to illegally make a copy of it.

They can take pictures of such brilliant clarity that they dazzle the eye.

They can……well……they can allow your teenage son to make videos and directly post them to Youtube …..

Yes, an age of wonders.

An age where I will forever live in a Superman costume and an Afro wig.

I am seriously hoping time travel is right around the corner.